The Best Way to Treat Body Acne



With all of the focus today on facial acne, those that suffer from body acne may feel like they are left in the dark. It is also more difficult to treat than facial acne, too. It’s more common among adult men than women, affecting over twenty percent of the male population. The oil glands on the back are larger than those on the face, which often results in large cysts. Because the skin on the rest of the body is thicker than that of the face, these lesions can often be deep under the skin and quite painful. Here are some tips to help you get rid of acne once and for all.

Your Clothing Choice Matters

Many times, body acne will appear in areas that are chaffed by clothing. For example, carrying a backpack can often cause chaffing on the shoulders and back, which are two of the most common places for body acne. Try to wear breathable cotton clothing as often as you can and avoid anything that will chafe and irritate your skin. This will cut down on your breakouts.

Sweating Makes It Worse

Moisture from sweating can provide a barrier over the affected areas, which can lead to more bacteria. This bacteria is what causes the lesions and cysts. Try to time your workouts so you can shower immediately afterward and use a body soap specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

Some Body Lotions and Soaps Can Make Acne Worse

You may want to look at the type of bath and shower products you are using. Some contain chemicals or additives that can actually make your acne more severe. Laundry soap can also irritate your skin, making it more susceptible to breakouts.

If Your Conditions Gets Worse

Some of the lesions and cysts from body acne can spread quickly, making it painful for some people to even go about their daily lives. If this happens, it’s time to see your doctor. In some cases, the cause may not actually be acne, but a specific type of staph infection that must be treated with antibiotics. Don’t take a chance that your acne is caused by something more severe.

A Final Thought

You may want to consider holistic acne treatments, too. This complete body approach helps prevent breakouts and will actually help your overall health. It’s certainly worth your time to check out these alternative methods instead of investing hundreds of dollars in creams and lotions that may not be effective.


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