The Cause and Source of Ringworm


Ringworm which means "skin fungi" is the general name given to a contagious fungal infection called Dermaphytoses. Agents like molds, yeast and fungi called the Dermatophytes are the causes of ringworm. These agents produce signs of itching, redness, small burns and scaly skin on the hands, nails, arms, scalp or feet. Other names for this skin illness are Tinea or Athletes Foot. This skin condition can be irritating, embarrassing, and even painful and unhealthy. Skin fungi can simply exist on the dead layer of keratin protein on top of the skin. They can not live on mucous membranes, like mouth because they can not invade deer into the body.

Harmful fungi that cause ringworm will be able to survive in warm and moist areas. They live in soil, on pets 'and animals' body and also to human that sweat sa lot. They can easily spread from one person to another through direct and indirect contact of the infected person. It can also spread from the fur or skin of different animals like dogs, cats, goats, cows and many more.

Direct contact with an infected person or a pet is the most common cause of ringworm. A person to person contact or direct skin-to-skin contact with an infected person is the most common direct causes. People with open skin's outer layer like eczema or other skin problems invite fungus into the body. More likely to get ringworm are those children before puberty most specifically the boys. Infected person can also transmit the disease to his other body parts.

Another ringworm cause is the direct contact with animals through petting, touching or cleaning them. Some animals like dogs, cats, cows, goats, pigs, horses, and even hamsters carry a fungal disease that can transfer to you when you get contact with them. The infections in animals appear as a patch of skin where there is fur missing. Children with pets, farmers, and people who work with animals are at risk in getting the disease.

Aside from these direct contacts, ringworm can also pass on through the contact of those objects or surfaces that are being used by an infected person or touched by an infected animal. This indirect contact includes sharing combs or brushes, sharing towels, picking up the unwashed clothes of someone who is infected, sharing hats or other clothes, sleeping in same mats, sharing in locker rooms and unwashed areas around swimming pools.

Another indirect contact and is very rare cause of ringworm is by walking barefoot in the soil. A person can get infection if he exposes himself to such soil for a long time. There is the chance that if soil is rich and have plenty of nutrients, the fungus that causes ringworm in humans can stay alive and grow for an extended period of time. Otherwise the probability is small that the soil would be the cause for ringworm.

Visit a doctor if you're not sure if it is ringworm so he can test it for you. Despite the fact that the causes of ringworm are numerous, it can be quickly cure moderately with the right treatment. There are also common home treatment that can help get relieve of this upsetting skin frustration. Just remember that without good intervention and care, the ringworm can develop into broad skin damage and more embarrassment.


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