The Dwarf Hamster Diet



I said it once and I'll say it again, dwarf hamsters are just like people. They show emotions. They get sick. They get diseases. They even get spoiled! Yes, your little buddy will get spoiled if you feed him / her treasures continuously. Just like a kid that has lost its appetite because they were eating a bunch of cookies 20 minutes before dinner, your dwarf hamster will lose its appetite for regular food and always expect trips from you. To combat this, go easy on the fears and know exactly what food to give them. These foods include:

1. Green leafy vegetables (think lettuce, spinach)

2. Corn

3. Carrots

4. The introduction "hamster mix." Make sure that this mix is ​​especially made for dwarf hamsters. Do not give your little buddy a mix made for guinea pigs. You could harm him / her.

This is just a short list of foods that you should feed your dwarf hamster. There is also a group of food that you should NEVER feed your dwarf hamster.

1. Onions

2. Garlic

3. Raw potatoes

4. Sugared sweets / fruits. You should limit how many fruits and sweets you give your little buddy because dwarf hamsters have a greater than normal chance to catch diabetes.

5. Kidney beans

As I stated before, this is a short list of foods that you should NEVER give your dwarf hamster. These amazing little creatures require certain foods to maintain their healthy lifestyles. To make sure that you are able to adhere to this lifestyle, just make sure that you limit the sweets, sugared or otherwise, and maximize the healthier foods. Just treat these little guys / girls as if they were your kids. You would not feed your kids sweets all the time, would you? Of course not! This is the attitude that you should have with regard to your dwarf hamster. If you would not eat it, they should not eat it!


Source by Kenneth L. White

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