The Female Exam – About Female Exam Videos and What to Expect



The Female exam is nothing but the pelvic examination recommended for all sexually active women or women above the age of 21 years. You can easily find a good female exam video on video sharing sites that will help you understand the procedure better.

If this is your first medical examination, you must remember not to panic. It might also look like a tedious and painful agenda but this is not true. The exam gets complete in only few minutes and you may expect nothing more than slight discomfort. The patient would not be given administered any medication like anesthesia during this procedure.

As seen in any female exam video, the woman has to lie down on a table in the examination room. The patient will then be asked to bend her knees and rest her feet on stirrups on the end of the table. These are most likely triangular metal loop-like structures that project out from the surface on which the patient is lying down. This helps in obtaining a comfortable place for the examiner as well as the patients to carry on with the test.

The test has two parts: the external and the internal examination the first part is only about ‘viewing’ the pelvic region. Your healthcare expert will wear gloves and externally check the regions of your pelvis, vagina and possibly even the anal regions. The thought of this may make you a little uncomfortable, but you must understand that this is only a medical procedure and not taken personally. If you feel better with a female nurse beside you, then you can ask for their presence. Alternatively, you have the right to ask for your friend, partner or mother being around during your examination.

The second part of the pelvic exam includes examining the internal parts of your pelvis. If you are watching a female exam video, you will see the medical practitioner insert a thin, slender plastic or metal instrument into the vagina of the woman. This called the speculum. Special muscles around the vagina allows contraction and expansion in the area; which is why the patient will not feel pain in inspection, with the instrument. Following this, the physician will wear gloves and insert one or two fingers into your vagina to inspect the uterus and ovaries’ condition which are much inside the body. With the free hand, the expert will slightly press the abdomen to comprehend the health of the organs.

The results of a routine check-up are often normal. However, if irregular discharge, odor, polyps or other such anomalies occur, needful action taken and treatment done. You can comfortably interact with online doctors and clear discuss you apprehensions. With the plenty of resources available online, you can prepare well for your pelvic examination.


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