The Importance Of Identifying The Causes and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction


For many men, erectile dysfunction is one of their greatest fears.

Masculinity is defined as many things by different people, but suffering from

erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a blow regardless of other defining factors.

Fortunately there are many ways to treat and reverse ED. But before treatment

can begin, you must first determine if you are indeed showing signs of ED and

distinguish the cause or causes.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

The most obvious symptom of erectile

dysfunction is failure to achieve an erection. The technical boundaries for ED

are failure to achieve the erection more than fifty percent of the time. This

means that the occasional mishap is nothing to worry about, and failing to

perform even every third time may still not be a medical problem.

The other primary symptom of ED is failing to maintain the erection. You

might initially not have a problem, but as intimacy increases, you’re unable to

perform consistently. Again, if this is happening more than half of the time,

you should visit with your doctor to work toward a diagnosis.

To determine if you are indeed suffering from ED, your general physician will

first complete a full physical profile and ask many questions about your overall

lifestyle including your sex life. He may then refer you to an urologist who

specializes in diagnosing and providing treatment

for erectile dysfunction.

The urologist has a litany of tests at his disposal. He will most likely

perform a blood count and test for hormone levels in the blood stream. He might

also test the function of your thyroid and liver. A duplex ultrasound might be

what finally determines the cause of your erectile dysfunction, or there are

dozens of other tests available that can also determine the cause of the


Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

ED can be caused by many things. One thing

that does not cause ED is old age. Impotence is considered unusual and something

worth speaking to the doctor about at any age. It is never normal.

One cause of ED that doctors will often check for first is your lifestyle. If

you drink, smoke or take other drugs – both prescriptions or not, these

chemicals in the body might be causing your ED. A lack of exercise or poor

nutrition might also be contributing, and a great deal of ED is linked, if not

entirely caused, by stress and other physiological things.

Once these have been ruled out, the physical possibilities are tested.

Hormone levels can play a part so blood will be taken and examined. One of the

more common reasons for ED is blocked or leaking vessels in or near the groin.

There are many tests that can determine if and which vessels are the cause.

Nerve damage is also a possibility as well as an enlarged prostate.

There are many possible problems leading to ED. Only a doctor can make a

complete diagnosis. If you are having difficulty in intimacy, consult your

doctor to be on your way to a complete recovery.


Source by Will DeSmartez

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