The Importance of Income Protection Insurance for Men


Those men that are weighing their options for income protection insurance might not be completely sold on the notion they really need it. They may assume they are in good health and that having to cover the extra costs for premiums would not be worth the time, effort, and investment. To make such an assumption is not a wise course of action to follow. The truth of the matter is men can get sick at work. If they become seriously sick they might discover they have the serious problem of no longer being able to earn an income. If this is the case then how could they cover their living expenses? They couldn’t.

So, why are so many men somewhat dismissive of income protection? Basically, they are not familiar with some of the reasons why men get sick at work. Once information on this is revealed, they will begin to take the concept of insurance coverage a lot more seriously.

For those curious as to why men get sick at work, here is a brief overview of a few reasons why this is so.

Exhaustion is a common reason. Many men will simply work too much. They end up burning the proverbial candle at both ends and this leads to a serious physical wear down. On the surface, one might think the solution to this is easy. You just need to get more rest. This is a partially accurate assessment. A little rest can do a lot of good. The problem here is that when one suffers from a high level of exhaustion, the immune system can start to break down. That is certainly not a good thing because it makes a person susceptible to other more serious conditions.

Excess work can also lead to depression and anxiety. While some may scoff at the notion of a depressive disorder, this is a serious condition that should never be dismissed. The truth of the matter is once the mind enters a depressed state, there can be all manner of other problems that arise from this including potential physical problems. It is not unprecedented that depression and anxiety could lead to panic attacks would could set the stage for significantly more serious ailments. Those ailments could lead to the afflicted being out of work for some time. Without proper income protection in place, this could be a veritable nightmare scenario.

As much as we hate to admit it, accidents do happen. Even a “minor” accident such as a broken leg (Minor in the sense it will eventually heal) can leave a man completely unable to work for an extended period of time. Those that work in physical labor might not even be cleared to return to work even if they can regain the ability to perform regular daily functions. Regular daily functions are not the same thing as being able to work in physical labor. As such, the return to work after an accident could take an enormous amount of time.

The most frightening reason men can get sick at work would be stress related cardiac problems. In short, many men suffer from heart attacks due to being overstressed and overtaxed at work. Granted, other lifestyle choices could contribute to heart health problems. To say one might be out of work for an extended period of time would be an understatement.

This is why so many men are well advised to look towards acquiring income protection. It could certainly help out in a very difficult situation.


Source by Patrick Cumiskey

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