The Mighty Russian Dwarf Hamsters


Russian dwarf hamsters are perhaps the most hardy of all species of hamsters which is why they make wonderful pets. While these little ones may be tough, they do need proper care in order to stay healthy and happy. There are a number of things that hamster owners can do to avoid potential health or medical problems. These are easy tips anyone can follow, whether you already own a hamster or you are thinking about getting one.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to Russian dwarf hamster housing is to avoid cedar chips altogether. Most pets of this species are extremely sensitive to cedar oil and coming into contact with cedar chips can cause your pet to dehydrate quickly and consequently result in their skin getting dry and cracking. If left untreated, your pet can get an infection and this could potentially be lethal. If this happens, make sure you isolate the infected pet immediately and bring it to the vet for proper treatment. You may need to wash and dry the hamster carefully in order to remove all traces of the cedar oil, but make sure this step is first approved by your vet. After you have cleaned the hamster housing thoroughly, replace the cedar ships with pine shavings which your pet will love.

The best way to make sure you have a healthy Russian dwarf hamster is to inspect the little one before you purchase it from the pet store or the breeder. There are instances where hamsters can develop little colds (just like humans do!) because of fluctuating temperatures. If this happens, just remove the pets that are affected and place them in a warmer area with plenty of water supply. After a few days of care, they should be back to their healthy selves.

While most Russian dwarf hamsters usually play well with each other, the female hamster is naturally more dominant and aggressive (especially if she is pregnant) and may be prone to biting the other hamsters while they are in the cage. In this instance, it might be a good idea to separate the dominant hamster from the others and interact with it on a one-on-one basis rather than in a group.

Russian dwarf hamsters can be mighty little pets if their owners take some basic necessary precautions. So, keep these tips in mind and your pets will be happy and healthy from the get go.


Source by Sarah Bitman

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