The Most Common Liver Disease Symptoms


It does not matter if it's a disease of the liver of a gall bladder injury, jaundice is the main symptom. If one notices that his skin color becomes jaundiced he can almost be sure he has an issue with his gall bladder or liver. The eyes also get an yellow color, instead of the characteristic white. The jaundice appears because the old blood is not filtered out correctly. If the jaundice appears with flu like symptoms together then a medical control is required because it may be a result of hepatitis or serious damage taken by the gall bladder.

In the Asian medicine Jaundice is splitted in two types, the Yin Jaundice and the Yang Jaundice. The first one is mainly characterized by the whole body being colored in a vivid yellow, thirst, coloring of the tongue (yellow). The second, the Yin jaundice turns the face, the eyes, and the skin slowly gray. Yin jaundice produces low fever, nausea, no appetite and palpitations.

If you regularly have a bad appetite then you should consider having some medical test because this is one of the symptoms of liver disease. This will lead to decreasing body weight and a not balanced metabolism that will lead to an unusual, unhealthy quantity of carbohydrates and fat in the blood. Another result of this symptom is anemia. This is the most severe convergence of a bad appetite. If a person developed anemia it is very possible that he will develop a disease in the liver cells (hepatocytes). Vomiting and nausea will appear, and in the vomit there are big chances that blood will be found. Ulcers have an increased risk rate if anemia is left untreated.

If you notice that your stool is too light colored then this may happen because the quantity of bile produced is too small. If this happens constantly then you can be sure that you have some liver or gall bladder issues. Bile is not secreted in the right amounts or it will not reach the intestines because of the stones that may block the way.

Another common symptom is polyuria, also known as excessive urinating. This symptom appears at more than just this disease. A consequence of polyuria is polydypsia that is excessive thirst.

Other symptoms that may appear are strokes, depressions, spasms, allergies, seizures, colored yes (red, yellow) and mood swings (irritability.)


Source by Groshan Fabiola

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