The Origin of Hamsters



Hamsters belong to the rodent family under the subfamily of Cricetinae. They are known to be nocturnal and crepuscular. They are sleep during the day and are alive at twilight. Hamsters are now mostly taken in houses as pets. They are great pets because they do not require high maintenance, they are inexpensive and most of them are friendly even to kids. But then, hamsters are solitary or antisocial pets. They hate to be around other hamsters. Thus, they should be kept alone in their cage to avoid being violent.

Hamsters are said to originate in the Middle East and Southern Europe. A British zoologist named George Waterhouse found the first hamster in 1839. The hamster seen is a female and was called "Cricetus Auratus". It is considered today as the golden hamster breed.

Then, a professor named Israel Aharoni of the University of Jerusalem found a hamster with 12 young hamsters in 1930 in the Syrian Desert. But then, only 3 remained alive upon reaching his laboratory. They belong to the Syrian breed. Hamsters started to get known in different parts of the world when they were sent to England. Golden hamsters were also greeted in the year 1938 in the US.

The word "hamster" originated from then German word "hamstern" which means "to store" because hamsters love to store food in their pouches. Hamsters can be seen in different colors. There are white, brown, cream and gray. There are also a few types but the most popular are the Dwarf and Syrian breeds. Hamsters also differ in the length of their hair; some have short hair while others have longer hair.

Hamsters are considered by many as good pets because they are cute, lively, brilliant, fun and easy to handle. If you plan to buy a hamster, then you should prepare a hamster cage so it can live comfortable inside his own cage. Take good care of your pet so that it will always remain healthy and alive.


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