The Reason So Many Americans are Uninsured



Most Americans have health insurance through their employers. But, employment is no longer a guarantee of health insurance coverage in this new and competitive world. This is a result of rising health care costs and the expense of treating medical conditions that arise in this modern world. This article will focus on the issue as to why so many Americans are uninsured.

The reason why so many Americans are uninsured is contributed to a wide variety of issues. The main one is the cost associated with health insurance. The largest provider of health insurance is small employers. With the cost of health insurance premiums increasing every year, it is becoming harder for small employers to offer health care benefits. This means they either have to cutback on their expenses to keep up with the promotions. Cutting expenses mean's downsizing or actually doing away with health insurance if they want to keep their company afloat.

The larger companies are also not immune from rising health insurance costs. They are saddled with the same burden as the smaller companies, but they have another way of handling it. If costs become too high, they often make it that the employees, who are benefitting from the health plans, donate a greater amount. This means that the employees will pay higher monthly fees as their premiums increase. This directly affects the employees as their pay would be reduced for the month.

In the past America was more a manufacturing-based economy. As the time progressed, the country saw itself move from a manufacturing-based to a more service-based economy. When this occurred, the health insurance coverage also changed. The service sector does not guarantee the same access to health insurance like the manufacturing sector. This causes the service industry to more more on part-time and contract workers who would not be eligible for health benefits. This type of scenario ultimately leads to less workers who would have health insurance.

Health insurance is one of the most important things in America. Without it causes instability as it is a lifeline for so many. Countless Americans are losing their livelihoods and savings from illness because they do not have health insurance. This lack of insurance is due to many different factors. You have small businesses who have to cut back on their health insurance as the premiums have reach through the roof. You have larger companies who increase the payments employees have to make, making them have less to bring home. Finally a service based society like America, does not fare well for people who depend on health insurance.


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