The Risks of Becoming a Surrogate Mother



When you first decide to become a surrogate mother it is usually for very good and honorable reasons. Normally, you simply want to help infertile couples have the wonderful experience of parenthood. Do be warned however, there are a lot of people who will simply not understand, they do not want to hear your reasons for doing this service for others, all they need to do is judge and criticize.

These are not the only problems you may face though. There are many more risks that you need to be aware of. There are medical risks, health risks plus financial risks. Added to this, if you have a job already, you may be risking the security of your job.

First of all, let us look at the medical risks. The agency you have gone with will need to match your ovulation cycle with the intended mothers cycle that you have been paired with. The way that they do this is to put the surrogate mother on the contraceptive pill, plus steroids, such as Luprin. Hopefully, these will do the job. Before they do this there will be blood tests and different health tests to guarantee that the body of the surrogate mother will be able to deal with being a surrogate mother. Also, there is the lengthy process of making sure the cycles of the surrogate mother and the intended mother are totally in synchronization. Otherwise, when the intended mother is ovulating, the surrogate mothers body may not be ready to take here eggs. This is a very important part of the whole procedure as you can imagine.

You will need to deal with the actual insemination process. This can be a little painful. Not just that though, there are the side effects to all the different medications you need to take.. Added to that is the problems a lot of people have in pregnancy, plus the risk of depression and sleep disturbance. You may feel guilt and it may be difficult for you to remain emotionally detached from the foetus that is growing inside of you. Just so long as you have gone to a reputable surrogacy agency you will be fine with any of these problems as they should have counselors and support groups who will help you through any of these difficulties.

As well as the emotional and health risks you may have to face legal problems with the state that you live in. Also are there any laws in your state that will protect your privacy as a surrogate mother. Financial issues, normally the surrogate mother will be responsible for her own health insurance costs. You will need to be financially secure before you even think about surrogacy. The majority of surrogate mothers do have full time jobs and will be on a financially stable footing before they become surrogate mothers

Very often, it is wise to talk about any issues your spouse and immediate family may have with surrogacy. After all, your decision to become a surrogate mother will affect them and you do not want to risk your family relationships while trying to help other people have a family. You will need the support of your family, especially your partner, so it is fair to ask their opinion beforehand. You may find that the intended parents become a part of your extended family, quite naturally. A bond can become very strong between yourself and this couple, lasting for many years.

Becoming a surrogate mother is a very serious matter, one that will need a lot of careful thought. But, so long as you realize this beforehand and it is undertaken by you from a strong base, you will find the rewards of it all, more than make up for any little problems you may experience.


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