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Selecting a name for your pet can be as tough as selecting a name for a new-born baby. A unique name is hard to find. But a little time coupled with your imagination can help you come up with unique boy hamster names. Any sites will provide you will hundreds of boy hamster names but, choosing one from the endless list can often turn out to be a difficult job. We are here to help you find unique boy hamster names. Following any one of our guidelines listed below will help you find boy hamster names of your choice.

Hamster names based on personality traits:

Keep an eye on your boy hamster for few days and you will certainly notice some distinctive character attribute in him. Naming him after that particular attribute will give your boy hamster a unique identity of his own. For example, hamster names like Fluffy for a hamster that has lots of fur on its body, Snoopy for a hamster that snoops, Snoozy for a hamster that snoozes all the times, or Zebra for a hamster that has black and white stripes on its body. These names can be thought of by observing your hamsters to discover specific personality traits that your hamster carries with him.

Boy Hamster Names based on TV character, Cartoon Character etc:

Naming your hamster after a particular favourite TV character or show like Mr. Bean or a particular favorite cartoon character like Scooby Doo, Donald or Mickey is also a good selection. Names for your hamster can also come from a favorite book character or from the names of celebrated pop singers. If you have children at home, they would surely love to have their hamster named after their favourite book, cartoon or TV character. This can also be a fun process for the whole family to figure out a name that everyone likes.

Mix and match Method:

It is not necessary that you need to give a one word name to your hamster. How about the idea of adding you surname or you first name? For example: if you chose to name your hamster Snoopy, you can add your name to make it Snoopy Melvin. Adding a prefix such as sir, prince, or boss is also a good idea. This not only adds some uniqueness to his name, but it provides some interesting character for him as well.

Some Popular boy hamster names:

Biscuit (for hamster that loves biscuit)

Brownie (for a brown hamster)

Chewy (for hamster that loves to chew)

Chubby (for hamster that has a chubby face)

Hamlet (after the famous Shakespearean drama)

Jumps (for a hamster who loves to jump about and play)

Mickey (after the Cartoon character Mickey Mouse)

Keep in mind that a name is a permanent fixture for your new pet. If you’re not entirely happy with the name selection then don’t use that name. Some people feel they must have a name right away. This is not true. It’s OK to spend some time thinking about your hamster name before settling on one choice.


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