Top Tips For a Healthy and Happy Hamster


How can you make your little hamster as happy and healthy as possible?

The first and possibly best way of improving your hamster's quality of life is to give them a nice big cage. If you think about it, your hamster is spending all day inside their cage and the more room they have to run around the happier they will be. Of course you need to make sure that the cage is kept nice and clean with a fresh supply of food and water.

Larger cages also give more opportunity to introduce more toys for your pet hamster to play with and this is the second of our tips for a happy hamster. Add both shop bought toys (such as wooden toys to chew and interact with) and toys you make yourself. Toilet rolls, paper towel tubes and the long cardboard tubes from wrapping paper all make great toys for a dwarf hamster to explore and chew. Do make sure that anything you give your hamster is non toxic and do not give them toys made out of soft plastic as they will chew it and it can do damage to their intestines.

Of course you will want to give your hamster the opportunity to run about outside of his cage always under close supervision and with doors and windows closed. A safe way of giving them this extra exercise is a hamster ball. The hamster ball is much like a fully enclosed hamster wheel made of clear plastic that you can pop your hamster into and then let him roll around and explore the world outside his cage, without the danger of his getting lost or hurt. Because a hamster can get up a reasonable speed in a hamster ball you should not let them play at the top of stairs, or in a room with cats or dogs. An alternative to the hamster wheel is a hamster car, which is a small plastic car, with a big hamster ball in the middle. As your hamster runs, so the car moves forwards.

The final tip for a happy hamster is to play with them! Hamsters love human interaction as they are very sociable pets. A good time to play with your hamster is early evening, when they are just waking up (as they are nocturnal animals your hamster will be asleep during our day time and awake during our nights).


Source by S Murray

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