Treat Tear Strains Easily And Naturally


Angels' Eyes is the first ever product that has been specifically made for cats and dogs to completely remove unwanted tear stains. What this drug basically does is that it changes the chemistry of your pet's tears, so that no stains are left around the eyes when tears run dry. The product is not like other tear stain removers that only eliminates the stains temporarily causing them to re-emerge worse than earlier. Angels' Eyes begins its work even before they appear. It does not contain wheat or food dyes that can have adverse effects on the animal. Following are the key features and benefits of the product:

– Removes unpleasant tear stains within 3 to 5 weeks
– Dye- and wheat-free
– Easiest method to remove tear stains
– Does not carry any side effects
– Safe for pregnant animals and puppies over 6 weeks old

Most people do not know why cats 'and dogs' eyes water, which leads to tear stains around their eyes. The condition is known as epiphora. As the fur around your pet's eyes becomes wet due to excessive teething, the area transforms into a breeding ground and home for yeast and bacteria. Not only does it look unpleasant but can also be frustrating for your pet. This may be a result of diet and health issues, or genetics.

If you want to give your cat or dog eyes free of tear stains and a clear bright coat, then Angels' Eyes is an ideal product for you. Made from 100% pure beef liver, the drug is safe and can be used on all breeds. It contains ingredients that prevent your pet from contracting bacterial infections or Red Yeast (Ptyrosporin) that cause excess staining and tearing.

The best thing about Angels' Eyes is that it provides your pet with a long-term solution to tear stain problems. The product is easy to use; all you need to do is to scatter the powder across your pet's food once every day. You can also mix it in water or any other beverage your pet loves to drink. The drug comes with easy instructions to help you find the appropriate dosage for your pet, depending on its weight. Angels' Eyes is available in three different flavors- sweet potato, beef and chicken.


Source by Gary O'donnell

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