Treatment for IBS- Relieving Symptoms Naturally



As most IBS sufferers will tell you, irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic and debilitating condition. It is a problem which appears to have become more common during recent years. In fact, IBS is so prevalent that an estimated one in five people living in the UK suffer from it.

IBS can produce a range of unpleasant symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and even headaches. However, despite the extent of the problem and the discomfort that it causes, there is no medical treatment per se for IBS.

So, does this mean that nothing can be done to relieve IBS symptoms? Absolutely not! The fact that IBS is very much a 21st century problem suggests that lifestyle can play an important part in producing and relieving symptoms.

The increasing use of chemicals and refined sugars in our food is one of the main factors triggering the increase of IBS in individuals. Therefore making a conscious effort to reduce exposure to harmful toxins could be one natural way to treat IBS.

Foods containing high levels of refined sugars and artificial substances can increase the amount of acidity and toxicity in the body. This can upset the body's blood sugar balance as well as irritating the digestive tract.

The hot weather that we have been experiencing in the UK over the last few weeks makes it imperative to drink as much as possible to keep our bodies well hydrated. However the drinks you choose can affect your IBS.

Fizzy drinks for example contain a lot of sugar or sweeteners and a variety of synthetic ingredients. As a result they can aggravate your IBS symptoms. Therefore, instead of reaching for a can of Coke, you might want to think about opting for fresh fruit juice or glass of water instead of quench your thirst.


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