Turmeric and Urinary Tract Infection – How it Works?



Turmeric has many health benefits. It belongs to ginger family. There is an interesting connection between turmeric and urinary tract infection.

Generally urine does not contain bacteria. But it can be a good breeding ground for bacteria. There are many causes for bacteria getting into urinary tract. Especially females are more prone to this infection than men. It is mainly because of the structure of internal organs of kidneys, tubes, bladder and urethra which are relatively shorter to women than men. The probability of infection is more for women who are sexually active when the bacteria in the vaginal area are pushed into urethra and ultimately end up in bladder.

If we want to avoid urinary infections, germination of bacteria in that region should be wiped out. This can be achieved by keeping our immune system fit. Importantly we should pay attention to nutrition that can potentially offer anti inflammation impacts. Curcumin is an important anti inflammation agent.

Curcumin is a bio flavonoid. It is a polyphenolic compound. Since bio availability of this nutrition is very low, external source is the best option. This curcumin is found in turmeric. That is the reason people talk about turmeric and urinary tract infection.

Turmeric has 5% of curcumin. It is also a good anti septic substance. It is used to cure burns, boils, cold, cough and also mouth ulcers. It can be used for external application as well as oral therapeutic course. However, for inflammation related cases, oral application is the best option.

If you take 50 mg per day of turmeric concentrated with 95% curcumin, it is an ideal dosage. Considering the difficulty in metabolism, curcumin should be taken in an enteric coated format.

I believe that holistic natural nutrition intake would be the suitable solution. I take a nutrition supplement daily that has turmeric along with other 70 natural herbs and salts. So far I never had any such infection and I keep a good immune system. It is for sure that turmeric and urinary tract infection has reliable link.


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