Types of Hamster Cage Accessories


Hamsters are active animals that enjoy exercise. For a happy, healthy hamster, you'll want to purchase a variety of hamster cage accessories, such as toys, climbing tubes, hiding tunnels, and chew toys. These items will help keep your hamster entertained and prevent the negative behaviors that can sometimes occur when they are bored.

Hamster Toys

Hamsters are nocturnal, meaning that they sleep during the day and are most active and playful at night. For this reason, you'll want to choose toys that they can enjoy quietly while you sleep. For example, if you choose hamster cage accessories like exercise wheels, you'll want to pick one that is as quiet as possible. Otherwise, you'll have to listen to the wheel squeak all night while your pet gets its exercise.

Climbing Tubes

Climbing tubes are popular hamster cage accessories. Most basic cages allow for expansion with a variety of climbing tubes, limited only by the pet owner's creativity. The tubes link together and can be used to make towers, circle around the cage, or form a maze for the hamster to climb through. These toys allow your hamster to climb and get exercise while you sleep, without disturbing your rest. If you purchase tubes, be sure that they are securely connected to one another with no gaps, so that your hamster can not escape.

Hiding Tunnels or Caves

Hiding tunnels are also common hamster cage accessories. Hamsters need a quiet, dark place to sleep during the day, and a tunnel or other enclosed area provides them with the perfect opportunity. Hamster tubes, tunnels, caves, and even small hamster houses are available for this purpose; choose one that you find visually pleasant and that suits the size of your cage and your hamster.

Chew Toys

Hamsters often have an urge to chew, and if this is left unsatisfied, troubling behaviors or health problems can occur. You can purchase hamster cage accessories that are designed to be chewed on, such as chewing blocks or sticks, as well as hamster chew toys that have a small treat in the center for the hamster to reach. These accessories can prevent the hamster from chewing on the bedding or the cage itself, and may prevent problems with the digestive system or the hamster's teeth.

When you purchase your hamster and cage, it's also wise to consider the hamster cage accessories available. You do not have to buy everything at once; you may instead choose to set up your new pet with basic equipment and then come back from time to time to purchase a new toy or accessory. Over time, you and your hamster will develop a bond and you'll have a good idea of ​​your pet's likes and dislikes, so that you can choose exclusive toys and accessories.


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