Types of Hamster Diseases and How to Treat Them


Hamsters are unacceptable to get exposed to diseases and the best way to ensure you protect your pet is by understanding the different types of hamster diseases and the best way of treating them. These creatures are small and as such, their sickness progresses at a rapid pace. This means that the sooner you realize the condition, the higher your chances of treating your pet and safeguarding its health. Some of the popular diseases include the following.


Allergic reactions can be thought about by different factors such as dust, food, sleeping substances and cleaning solutions among others. As soon you discover an allergic reaction, it is advisable to address the root cause immediately. In the event that the pet does not recover after this, you should seek immediate medical help because the problem could be going deeper than you think.

Kidney and Bladder Infection

This is also ranked among the popular hamster diseases. In order to treat this condition, you need to use some antibiotics. Once this is addresses, it should be easy for your pet to recover. While it is on medication, make sure that it drinks plenty of water and it is also important to keep the cage as spotlessly clean as is humanely possible. This is the only way to keep such infections at bay.


If you have a cold, it is advisable to stay away from your pet. This is because humans can infect these pets with the virus that causes colds. What is more, cold drafts are also known to worsen the situation. There are different degrees to this type of illness and it is ideal to consider these before proceeding to administrator medication. For instance, if the pet continues to showcase the same appetite level, this is an indication that the cold is minor and it will go away on its own. However, it is important to ensure that it gets enough warmth to keep draft off. On the other hand, if there are acute signs of a cold such as loss of weight or wheezing, it is advisable to consult a vet immediately. This will ensure you get the necessary antibiotic treatment for the pet.


This type of hamster diseases is found in all hamster breeds and while this is the case, it is more pronounced in some than others. In the event you suspect your pet is suffering from diabetes, it is advisable to call your vet immediately.


This is ranked among one of the dangerous types of hamster diseases and it often occurs during the evening when the pet is most active. If your pet sufferers from this, you should ensure it accesses sufficient food and water until it regains mobility.


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