Unique Traits of Siberian Dwarf Hamsters


The characteristic of Siberian dwarf hamsters was developed in the wild for survival purposes. It makes the Siberian dwarf hamster's predators a harder time to spot it in the vast of white snow. A very interesting and unique trait for this specie, to try and duplicate this phenomenon in your homes can be very frustrating. The Siberian Dwarf Hamster can only change its color when it senses the lack of sunlight, an occurrence that happens during the winter season. Although according to some owners of these pets, there is a slight visible (very little) difference on the hamster's coat when they simulated the lack or absence of sunlight.

Having a name that suggests toughness, Siberian Dwarf Hamsters are the opposite of what it is called, (except for the dwarf part, measuring only 8-10 cm). Siberia is a word you easily associate with unfriendly conditions and tough guys with no sense of humor, this little dwarf on the other hand is a friendly cute little furry monster that is very sociable. Caring for more than one is okay because they are companionable. Being attached to it is not a good idea because it can only live up to 3 years maximum. This makes it a nice pet for an elementary class.

This breed of hamster is often mistaken as Campbell dwarf hamsters (a breed of hamsters originally from Mongolia). If you are planning on taking one as a pet, check with your vet or search for pictures where in their marks are visible to distinguish them apart. In keeping them, make sure that they have a spacious cage, because they like to roam around and burrow. If they chance up on escaping their cage, you may have a hard time looking for them. They're very little and they like the messy corners, sometimes they even reach the ceiling and can get around very easily. An aquarium would be a better cage for these hamsters because they could easily fit through the spaces between regular cages.


Source by Angela Borshishz

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