Using Hamster Toys to Keep Your Pet Healthy


Hamster toys serve more than one purpose for your pet. The most obvious one is entertainment but do not discount the exercise factor. It does not matter if you're hamster is of the Syrian or dwarf variety. All types of hamsters need to be active. With a lot of rodent cages being fairly small these days, it's very important that we find ways to keep our hamsters healthy.

One thing I love about hamster toys is the fact that they allow your little buddy to exercise in a small space. They'll keep your hamster healthy and active while allowing him to have some fun too. You have quite a few choices and they all provide slightly different benefits for your pet. Let's consider some of the more popular hamster toys.

The most popular of all the hamster toys available has got to be the hamster wheel. Hamster wheels truly are synonymous with hamsters now. Cage's are hard seen without wheels anymore! This makes perfect sense if you think about it. The wheel, while not flashy, provides your hamster with a lot of the exercise he needs. It really is the perfect toy for a pet that does not get the chance to leave his cage very often. As far as safety is concerned, the hamster wheel gets top marks. One thing you may want to consider before deciding on a hamster wheel for your pet is it's size. If the wheel is not the right size, your pet may not be interested in using it.

A different hamster toy very similar to the wheel is the run-about. The run-about is a whole lot of fun for your little buddy. To our eyes, it's nothing more than a transparent plastic ball. To a rodent, however, this ball means two things – Freedom and fun! Put your hamster inside the ball then let him out of his cage. Now Watch in amazement as your pet goes bananas! He's got a whole new world to explore now. There's really no need to worry either as the ball provides solid protection. This ball provides more than just a good time for your little buddy though. He'll be getting a lot of good exercise as he makes his way from room to room in his funky bubble. Now, the run-about is a safe toy for your hamster but it should still be watched close while playing with it. The last thing you want to do is lose your little buddy!

Running is a great workout for hamsters but it should not be the only type of exercise he gets. You should consider getting him something to climb as well. Climbing is very good for hamsters and gerbils alike. We do not want him climbing all over our furniture though. It's a good thing for us that there are some pretty neat climbing toys available for purchase. A lot of these toys look like something cool. Houses and trees seem to be among the more popular shapes. This is great as they allow us to play designer for a bit. Your imagination is really only limited by the amount of space you have to work with. Enjoy these toys but beware of products that are made out of toxic materials. Hamsters like to chew just about everything and we do not need your pet falling ill.

The point of all this is to challenge your hamster with a number of different exercises. A combination of running and climbing toys should really encourage your pet to workout in a variety of different ways. Give your hamster the variety he craves and let him lead a happy and fulfilling life.


Source by Bert Gaton

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