Warning – Dark Eye Circles Could Mean Something A Lot Worse



Dark circles under your eyes can tell a lot about your health and lifestyle. These displeasing discolorations under your eyes are more than just a representation of your tiredness or an undoing of your looks; you may not realize it yet, but these dark under-eye rings are also your early warning system when it comes to your health conditions and needs.

For instance, having these dark eye circles could mean you have poor kidney activity or unhealthy amounts of sugar in your system. It can also mean that you have only taken two glasses of water for a day instead of the required eight. Well, whatever the dark circles under your eyes mean, you should know the root cause of such blemishes around your eyes because you might be suffering from something bigger than a beauty problem.

Lack Of Sleep

Depriving yourself the right amount of sleep can cause anemia and dark circles under your eyes. Studies have shown that the body’s system can start to repair and rejuvenate the skin only during deep levels of sleep; it is only in this condition that blood circulation rushes to your face to reinvigorate facial skin. That is probably the reason why they call it beauty sleep. So if you have inadequate sleep, even if you are not that tired, you will surely have dark eye rings in your eye area.

Congenital Traits

Dark under-eye circles are not only acquired as you grow older, they can also be passed on to you through your genes, much like other beauty and skin problems such as varicose and spider veins. The skin that surrounds your eye area is very delicate. The bluish shade that becomes the dark circles under your eyes is actually blood that passes through the veins under the skin in your eye area. Therefore, if you are born with really thin skin that surrounds your eyes, there is nothing much you can do except to strengthen that piece of skin to avoid dark under-eye circles.

Iron Deficiency

Diet can also contribute to the growth of dark circles under your eyes. If you have poor diet and you lack certain minerals in the body, you can expect that the area under your eyes will have discoloration. It has been observed that deficiency in iron, which is a form of anemia, can bring about dark under-eye circles.

The veins under the eye area become more visible whenever there is a deficiency in iron. That is why even during menstrual periods and pregnancy, occasions where the body lacks significant amount of iron, dark under-eye circles can occur.

Kidney And Liver Troubles

Your under-eye area is believed to be connected to your kidneys and liver. If you are experiencing dark circles under your eyes, it may be time to consult with your doctor because the discoloration can be caused by problems in your kidneys or liver. And whenever these two organs are involved, always remember to drink plenty of water. Dehydration can only worsen your problems with these organs.

Pharmaceutical Products

If you are under medication, there is a good chance that dark circles may occur under your eyes. If the medicine you are taking can cause your blood vessels to dilate or expand, the increased blood flow will surely show through the skin under your eyes.

After knowing all these causes and after consulting the experts, you should deal with the underlying causes of your dark under-eye circles without delay or you risk other complications. In the meantime, try to improve the appearance of your eyes by using products like Eyederma. For more information about reducing dark under-eye circles, visit http://www.Eyederma.com.


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