Ways to Make Your Pregnancy Healthier



Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience any woman can experience, especially if it’s the first. Pregnancy is never a cake walk, but a more complex and critical phase where many women have to face a lot many challenges to give birth to a healthy baby. The market is loaded with items that are sold to make pregnancy trouble-free. But, you will have to battle out some challenges yourself, for which there are no remedies available in the market.

Following are some ways in which you can make your pregnancy healthier:

Fatigue – How to Get Rid of It?

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms that remind you again and again of your pregnancy. However, you cannot completely get rid of fatigue as your body is working really hard to develop the baby inside and the ups and downs your hormones experience throughout this period. It is recommended that you take short naps during the day as and when you need. In addition to this, always keep a pillow under your legs while sleeping. Elevating your legs like this will help relieve the extra pressure your legs bear because of the adding body weight.

Swelling of Your Feet or Edema

Edema or swelling of your feet can happen at any time during pregnancy. It is not life threatening; but, it makes the pregnant woman very uncomfortable. It can happen because of many reasons like increase in blood pressure or even the increase in body weight. To ease the swelling on your feet, you can fill two buckets – warm water and another with cold water. Please your feet in the warm water bucket first for 3 minutes and then shift to the cold water bucket. You can repeat this process for 6 times. This will ease out the puffiness in your feet.

Controlling Heartburn

Heartburn or acid reflux is very common amongst pregnant women. During pregnancy, the expanding uterus creates pressure on your diaphragm, which causes heartburn all the time. A simple remedy to take care of your heartburn is eating almonds. Almonds contain compounds that support the valve between the esophagus and stomach. Also, avoid eating foods rich in fats or spice during nighttime.

To make your pregnancy easier, there are few more things you can do, like – taking short naps whenever possible, not overdoing physical activities or work outs, eating small meals throughout the day and even taking warm baths at nights to sleep better.

You can also pamper yourself with treats once in a while, but make sure to eat wisely. Studies have shown that babies develop healthy eating habits if the mother maintains them during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time to cherish, go ahead and do the things right for you and your baby.


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