Weight Loss New Year's Resolution and The Master Cleanse System


People have been running to the lemonade diet in droves. Celebrities use this diet and variations of it to lose weight, look younger, to clean out the gunk from inside their bodies. I met a few personal trainers that suggest to their clients even before they start their work out programs to do this master cleanse system first. Why would they do that? The answer is simple it works!

We have heard that Beyonce Knowles had announced to Oprah that she had been on the program prior to shooting Dream Girls. Beyonce Knowles dropped 20 pounds. Robin Quivers stated to peoples magazine "This was not about weight loss," who traced her health problems to steroid-based medication that she took in 1989 to regulate her menstrual cycle, "I was really trying to regain my health, and that's what it did. " Robin Quivers lost over 70 pounds from the master cleanse. Impressive do not you think?

If you take a look at Beyonce Knowles at this point in time you will notice that she looks fabulous. She obviously learned more about taking care of herself with this cleaning system. In matter of fact this system is used in other diet and you will find variations in books like "Maximize Your Metabolism" by Christopher Guerriero. I always say that when people claim originality they simply have forgotten where it came from. The Master Cleanse Diet, the lemonade diet, lemon cleansse whatever title you prefer has been around since 1976. It has worked consistently with those who stuck to it.

As in any diet or colon cleansing plan it has many critics, who say that it has very little merit and or does not work. Funny about criticisms they usually have never done a plan like this. They do to the original book and look it over and do not even realize that there are more secrets and additions to help a person to get through the plan. It is a tough one I will not kid you about that. The benefits far outweigh the "dangers" that the critics seem to infer.

When you do a full body cleansing, you are going to experience a bit of discomfort. But you will never look at food the same again. When you feel and look younger, energized and in control of your life you will know it was all worth it.

Most people go through 10 days of the master cleanse system, some go even longer. This is a natural cleansing program. This cleansing program is geared towards cleaning your colon and other organs in your body. People have been known to pass Kidney Stones in the course of cleaning.

People think that they lack energy because they are getting older and their metabolism is slowing down. The truth is that over the years they have built up so many toxins in their body that they are literally poisoning themselves! If you stopped eating just today, you will still be depositing gunk for the next 10 days. Now remember Elvis Presley? When they did his autopsy he has deposited over 35 pounds of junk in his intestines. Have another peanut butter and banana sandwich, it may taste good, but it will slowly kill you. There is no excuse if you eat poorly, by doing so you will develop deficiencies in your diet. In the US we eat so badly that other countries see us eating ourselves to death. High calories, high fat and high carbohydrates is the standard US diet. Heck in my family we ate very little fruit, vegetables or even fish. But I know that when you are on the run, grabbing a burger, pizza or some such combination is what we tend to lean towards. Vitamins has been the solution for the lack of nutrition that we get from our diet. It is also the answer to the toxic food we eat since the introduction of larger doses of anti-oxidants as part of any vitamin formula.

On a funny note, part of the gunk that gets cleaned out from your system is the remnants of the diet pills, protein shakes and vitamins that never broke down and have been sitting in your colon for years!

If you really want to lose weight you have to have a plan. The master cleansse is but one step in that plan. To be successful in controlling your weight and getting into good physical condition you will have to change everything. This is not to say that you will be eating hamster food for the rest of your life. The Master Cleanse system offers much more than just a one time shot. It sets you up to really participate in your health and fitness. Doing the lemon cleansse diet will help you get on track to a better life. Imagine, in less than 10 days you can start feeling better, looking younger and have more energy then eve before. That is not all of the benefits but I would think that is a good start.


Source by John Tebar

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