What Are The Anorexia Symptoms That You Should Look Out For


Anorexia is by far the most common eating disorder of today. It is a condition that has only just emerged fairly recently. In terms of national statisitics, the number of people shown to have anorexia do not look all that alarming. However, experts believe that people with aneroxic symptoms may not realize that they are suffering from an eating disorder and refuse to seek treatment. Case in point, Nicole Richie. It is only after a long period, before she checked herself into a treatment center to find out if she is really anorexic.

Identifying anorexia symptoms in yourself or others is much easier to detect as compared to symptoms for other eating disorders. The effects of anorexia are often pretty drastic and they change the sufferer's emotional soundness and physical image thoroughly.

Anorexia is, like most other eating disorders, emotionally driven but it will also have emotional references on its own. A distorted self-body image and an addiction to losing weight are typical emotional causes that can trigger the condition. With this, you (the sufferer) can partake in extreme and voluntary starvation or extreme exercising with the purpose of attaining a perfect body at all costs.

If you find yourself being preoccupied by your body image or if you find yourself engaged in "punishing" your body through exercising or lack of food, you may be suffering from a mild form of anorexia. Of course, most of us do go through periods in life during which we are not very happy with our own body image. However, these days tend to be short lived and do not last all that long. On the other hand, if you continue to believe that you are overweight when your ribs are sticking out, you may have a full blown case of anorexia.

In many cases, you are generally aware that what you are doing is wrong. You are aware that extreme exercising and starvation will eventually destroy your body. However, you find it difficult to stop yourself from engaging in all your extreme practices. You end up feeling guilty and try to hide from others about your anorexia symptoms.

The feeling of being powerless can be overwhelming during these times and increasingly you feel depressed and isolated. If you do not get yourself treated in time, your anorexic symptoms can become dangerous. You are in for a total breakdown with disastrous consequences.


Source by Sandra Kim Leong

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