What Are The Symptoms Of Stress And Depression


For those unfortunate individuals that suffer from depression or manic disorders, may actually exhibit every symptom that doctors state are experienced with depression. It is, at times, simple to overlook such symptoms and does not have the ability to help yourself or others that are suffering from depression.

Depression does, in actual fact, include many symptoms. However many people do not always suffer from each and every symptom, before it is recognized and a diagnosis has been made in order to treat the illness. And as symptoms of depression vary from day to day, the kinds of symptoms that are experienced can also vary.

Listed below are some common examples of the signs of depression.


Prolonged periods of sadness is something which many people experience when suffering from this condition. They do not feel in the mood to undergo day to day tasks and they would rather choose to mope around the house feeling sorry for themselves. This is possibly one of the most common examples of depression.

Feeling hopeless and a perennial pessimist

Another common sign is whereby an individual sounds as though they have nothing to look forward to in life. As for being a perennial pessimist, the individuals that show this form of symptom are usually exceptionally negative about things.

Guilt-driven, loss of self-worth and helplessness

These are symptoms that can easily be noticed on those that mope around all day. When a person feels guilty about something, or they feel the loss of self worth, they can actually feel that they do not deserve to be happy. Another contribution to depression is the feeling of helplessness. This can be that the individual sounds that things do not go their way. This is a certain saying that they have absolutely no hope in their body at all.


Source by Christopher Wen

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