What Can You Do (at 3am)?


I woke up last night to my husband worrying about the 700 people who died in the Middle East and a fatal accident in Seattle. I immediately jumped to the solution, which was not helpful.

He was thinking about all the people who did not help, who drove by the accident. I knew this was not true (if you look at the photos it took up 3 of 4 lanes on a bridge with no place to pull over. But really he was reliving a time two years ago when he stopped to help a woman who ' d was it by a car. People had been standing on the side of the road watching but not doing anything (according to him).

There are lots of stories and countless reasons about bystanders. But I recall someone who'd had a Near Death Experience in a car accident, who remembered rising up above the wreckage and seeing the line of traffic behind it. They could see one person in a car several yards back who was praying. And their prayers helped.

I think of that whenever we drive by ambulances in the freeway. Especially when my husband is in the car. He's a Buddhist, and his prayers seem to me particularly potent.

When we were in DC caring for my mom, his Lama there was a massive stroke, the kind most folks do not survive. The prayers that went up around the world had miraculous results. He survived and has had a long recovery, but is back to leading services again.

When I wake in the middle of the night, my thoughts go on a hamster wheel. They are not very productive. I have to catch them, as they're rats, not hamsters, and send them elsewhere. I Shift my awareness to Consciousness. I see the bigger picture.

To me, 700 people dying in the Middle East, is a group that left together. They were on a spiritual pilgrimage and they all became real spiritual real fast. I tune into them and they're okay. But the ripple effect of pain around the world is profound.

What can I do at 3am? What can I do passing an accident when there's no place to pull over, or the medics are already there? What can I do when hear about things that happen thousands of miles away?

I remember sending a healing to a friend that died, two weeks after he passed. I felt an immediate shift. There is no time or space as Spirit. You can heal the past and it has an effect.

Larry Dossey in his book "The Healing Power of Prayer" did a double blind study on the effects of prayer. Turns out that it did not matter who did the prayer, what their faith was, whether they knew who they were praying for or not. It did not matter if the patients knew they were being prayers for or not. The ones who were prayed for recovered faster than the ones who were not prayed for.

You can bless anyone and anything. I like to imagine gold energy flowing down through a situation. Or I will bring in Presence, Consciousness. You can bless your own future and your own past.

You do that at 3 am and you'll sleep better the rest of the night.


Source by Joan M Newcomb

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