What Do Hamsters Eat?


So what do hamsters eat? This is a very important question you should know when you first get your hamster. Just like any other animal, they have their own types of food they like to eat and drink.

Since your hamster lives with you now and is not in the wild nature, he / she can not go on a search and find the food he / she craves. So you want to know it and give it to your pet hamster to keep him / her happy and healthy. So let's first get to this interesting question …

How Much Do Hamsters Eat?

One of the most amazing things is you'll see your hamster stuffs literally everything he / she finds in his / her cheeks. Hamsters are naturally trained to collect all the food they can find, because in the wild nature, you never know what tomorrow's love. To protect themselves from hunger if tomorrow they can not get any food, they always collect every food they find.

But they do not collect it in their stomach, but just take it to a corner and hide it as a stash somewhere for later. Since there is no way to "convince" your hamster there is nothing to worry about as long as he / she lives with you, you just need to accept their life long habit.

So How Much Do Hamsters Really Need to Eat?

Very little. After all, with their small size, not much food would fit in that little belly of theirs. So hamsters can only eat about two tablespoons of food or less every 24 hours.

Hamsters need a large variety of food to stay healthy and energetic. They like various types of fruits, vegetables, and foods with proteins. If you do not provide them with the foods they need, your hamster will fall sick and become weaker and weaker.

Check out this helpful guide to find out what are the best hamster foods for a healthy, long living hamster.

But there are also certain food they must avoid at all cost, because it will make them sick or even threaten their life. Some examples are almonds, sweets and candies, tomatoes, and more. It's very important that you know what to feed and what NOT to feed your hamster to have a healthy, happy hamster for a long, long time.


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