What Dwarf Hamster Supplies Do You Need to Ensure a Happy, Healthy Hamster?



Perhaps you're one of the many people out there who are wondering what supplies are needed when caring for a dwarf hamster at home. Well, you can easily get the supplies from the local pet supply store at a very reasonable cost. Having a dwarf hamster for a pet is not that expensive, and you will have a lot of fun while watching these cute and very active hamsters at your own home.

To ensure a happy, healthy, and safe life for your hamster, there are some things that you should obtain. These are the essentials. Without these supplies, your hamster will be very sad and sickly. The most important of all is the cage or the home of your pet. The good thing about hamsters is that they can live in different enclosures like glass aquariums, wire cages, and even plastic tanks. When choosing a home, you will need to look into the spaces between the bars for wire cages. With the creature's reliably small size, it can easily fit into spaces between bars.

Hamsters are very active creatures and you need to provide them with a spacious home. You will need to place a substrate or a bedding material where they can burrow. Hamsters have burrowing instincts and placing wood shavings on the cage's floor can satisfy their needs. Try placing a small nesting box where the hamster can hide and a hamster wheel for their exercise needs. Dwarf hamsters love to run and play so if you place a wheel inside, you will notice how happy they are while running.

Did you know that you can also potty train your hamsters? Take note where the droppings are located and put a litter box on that same spot. The litter box should contain pellets of newspaper or some hay bits. Remove the poop regularly and change the contents of the litter box.

Aside from the supplies already mentioned, you will also need some hamster toys or chew toys. The teeth of hamsters are continuously growing and by providing chew toys, you can satisfy their gnawing needs. The toys are usually made from soft wood and you can get them in various colors. Still, you may need to check on the chew toys for accumulated soil or dangerous slivers because it can be dangerous to your hamster's health.

You will also need a plastic bottle to provide fresh water for the dwarf hamsters. Change the water everyday to ensure cleanliness. You can suspend the water bottle inside the case so that the beddings will not get wet. Over time, your little pet will learn how to drink water from it.

These are the supplies needed by your dwarf hamster. Also, you will need to get some food supplies like seeds, fruits, and vegetables. You can ask the pet shop for the ideal food for your precious little pet. Make sure that you keep the dwarf hamsters well fed because they can eat as much as their larger Syrian cousins! By knowing the supplies that you need, you will surely find it easy to care for your hamsters.


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