What is Considered a Large Penis?


Many men wonder just what is considered a large penis. The next question that usually follows is, can I increase my size? Here’s what is considered large, and how you can measure up if you are not there already.

Length: What is considered a large penis in regards to length? Well, you want to reach a length greater than 5 inches. This is generally considered average and since you want to go above average, you should be shooting for around the 7 inch mark or greater.

Width: Girth, or width, is also very important when asking what is considered a large penis. This is actually very important for pleasing your partner as well, as most women will tell you it’s a thicker penis that is most pleasurable. Width can be tough to measure, but basically if you have what appears to be a skinny or thin penis, you should probably add some width to it to bring it up. This is often a conundrum for guys who already have decent length. Oftentimes the longer size, ends up also being skinnier.

How to gain extra length or extra thickness:

The same method will work for both gaining length and width. The method is penis exercises, involving the jelqing or milking technique. This is generally considered the only legitimate form of increasing your size outside of surgery. Exercises can be very effective and safe to perform as well. They work both on your length and girth. If you already possess a lot of length, then it will be the thickness that will improve. If you already have thickness but need length then you should see an increase in length gains since you are maxed out in the girth department. Or if you need both length and width then these exercises can increase both at the same time.


Source by Chess McDoogle

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