What Is The Best Type Of Dwarf Hamsters Bedding


All of us want to make sure that our hamsters are as healthy and happy as possible in their habitat. This would include, of course, choosing the right hamsters bedding that will go into their home.

Although this looks like a rather simplistic thing to look at, there are some rather complex issues that may be involved.

Which type of bedding will you choose for your hamster?

Some of the most common types of hamsters bedding are either wood-chips or saw dust. These have been used for years, and continue to be used by almost everyone that owns a dwarf hamster.

Many people consider these to be the perfect hamster bedding because of the fact that they have properties which help to keep bacteria at bay.

The unfortunate thing is, many people do not consider the fact that they have their priorities backwards.

There is a danger in using wood-chips or saw dust to your dwarf hamster in the form of respiratory distress and even some types of cancer.

Consider alternate types of dwarf hamster bedding as they are also available and you may want to try some of these in order to see how your hamster does with it.

For example, paper-based cat litter is an option that is chosen by many, but you need to be absolutely sure of what you're buying before you use it.

Another option that is used by many people is shredded paper, which is something that hamsters really seems to enjoy but unfortunately, does not hold up well when it gets wet (dwarf hamsters have been known to pee now and again)

Choose a bedding and spend some time observing your dwarf to see if they look or act poorly and if they do it may be due to the wrong type of bedding for that little fellow. If it is the case thenhaps you could try a few of these different types of dwarf hamster bedding suggested above in order to see what is best for your little friend.


Source by Jadi S Anatchi

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