What Is The Risk Of Gastric Bypass Surgery?


As with any invasive procedure, when the body is invaded by foreign objects and either cut or punctured in some way, there is always a risk involved. This could include anything from a simple infection to more complicated bleeding problems. The risk of gastric bypass surgery is no different.

To be specific the risk of gastric bypass surgery is similar to the risk of any surgery. This includes: clotting, wound infection, hernia and / or ulcers. In addition, one of the specific risks of bypass surgery is something called the dumping syndrome. The dumping syndrome occurs when food moves too quickly through the intestines. This, in turn, can cause sweating, nausea, and / or dirrhea. Eating sweats or other types of jjunk foodî only serves to make the ddumping syndromeî worse.

Another risk of gastric bypass surgery is to end up suffering from poor nutrition. Because the surgery limits the amout of food intake at any given time, if proper nutrional guidelines are not adhered to the patient may end up not consuming enough nutrition to ensure proper health. In other words, because such a small amount of food is consumed it is important to make every bite count.

In addition, there is the risk of gastric bypass surgery of the patient misunderstanding the importance of his / her role in their continued weight loss program. The surgery does not eliminate the need for proper diet and exercise. If the patient does not follow the physicianís instructions it is possible for the patient to become so malnourished that hospitalization is required.

Also, because severely obese patients are frequently suffering from other obesity-induced diseases such as heart disease, death is also a risk of gastric bypass surgery. The statistics relating to death rate of gastric bypass patients vary. Some estimate that the death rate is one in two hundred. Others estimate the death rate thirty days after the surgery to be as high as one in fifty. Regardless, of which statistics you believe the death rate is a risk of gastric bypass surgery which must be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to have this operation.


Source by Jeanette Pollock

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