What Makes a Hamster a Good Pet?



What really makes a hamster a good pet is a question that many people have been asking about that humble little hamster for as long as people have been keep animals as pets. There are many different reasons that you might want to choose a hamster as a pet; the least of which is that they are among the smallest pets that you can find, which is perfect for young children from 6 years of age on up to a teenager. The interesting thing is that even adults will find themselves in love with these adorable little creatures; as a hamster is a perfect pet for an adult who does not have the time for a dog or other types of pets that requires a lot of time and attention.

Most people are aware that the humble little hamster is definitely related to rats, mice and other rodents; yet may or may not know that they are not rodents (even though they are related). This may seriously create a problem if someone is not really interested in mice or rats or rodents of any type. If you really want to choose a hamster as a pet you will need to remember that these little creatures are related to the mice that we are always trying to get rid of.

A good thing that most people (who do not mind that the hamster's connection to rodents) really fall in love with a hamster due to the fact that these cute little creatures are so soft and cuddly and snuggly. Kids really like to snuggle with a small animal that is soft and fluffy; and so do most adults as well. Can you think of a better first pet for your children; or a pet to keep you company if you live alone than a hamster?

There is another great thing about a hamster that most adults (parents and non-parents alike) really like; the fact that the hamster really does not need that much space to live comfortably. All you really need to provide a hamster with to make it comfortable and well taken care of in terms housing is a cage that is a minimum of 12 inches wide by 18 inches long by 18 inches high. This will give the hamster room to move around as well as for you to put a hamster wheel in its cage and a few toys for your hamster to play with.


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