Where to Buy a Hamster – Three Options Available For Potential Hamster Owners


Most people, when they want a new pet, will visit a pet store. However, if you want a pet hamster, there are several places you should avoid and go to a private breeder or hobbyist instead.

Where To Buy Your Pet Hamster

Option 1 – Breeders / Hobbyists

There are four reasons why you should purchase your pet hamster from a breeder or hobbyist.

– The breeder can make sure that your hamster is bred in a cautious manner and that the pet you are buying is healthy, generous and has a good attitude and personality.
– Breeders will offer a guarantee contract that says that you may return your hamster if you are unsatisfied with it. This possibility is inadvertently when you buy from a pet store.
– Breeders make sure that quality breeding takes place and will show them off at shows. They'll even keep one or two of their own breeds.
– Breeders will keep the parents of your potential hamster so you can see them and know when your hamster was born.

Option 2 – Rescue Home

When you want to find a hamster, consider getting them from a Rescue Home. Rescue Homes will take care of old or young hamsters when the owner can or will not do so any longer. However, they are some good and bad reasons for getting a hamster from these places.

One such positive reason to get a hamster from a Rescue Home is that they are generally healthy. They are always screened for health problems before they go on sale so buyers do not get a sick pet right off the bat. However, the downfall is that you will not know how old it is or its background.

Before you're allowed to take home a hamster, you must fill out several pieces of paperwork. You'll be interviewed and assessed before your hamster will be given to you to take home.

Option 3 – Pet Stores

Hamsters that are sold in these stores are generally bred in commercial farms. However, breeders and pet owners will also supply hamsters to these pet stores. Pet stores do not generally give your hamster a clean bill of health and can not tell you if the hamster you are looking at has a good personality. There's also no known information about the birth date and parents.

When you want a hamster, it's recommended that you purchase your pet from a reputable source. After all, a sick pet is not fun to take care of or own.

Important Information On How To Care For Your Pet

When you want to own a pet, it's important that you know how to take care of it properly. For instance, you need the right kind of cage and accessories before you purchase a hamster pet. You'll need to mentally prepare yourself to care for them and any young they may end up having.

If a breeder asks you to pick from a litter, make sure you look for five things:

– Make sure the hamster's eyes are not clouded or watery.
– Make sure that the nose and ears are clean and that they react to noise.
– Look over the hamsters to ensure there are no broken bones or they have a limp.
– Make sure the hamster you choose is not too skinny or too fat.
– Ensure that the hamster has a coat that's shiny and soft and that the fur is clean and well groomed.

Above all else, pick the right hamster for your home and ensure that it gets plenty of affection, care and love.


Source by Jeremy Smart

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