White Russian Dwarf Hamster



The Siberian hamster is often referred to as white Russian dwarf hamster as part of it’s coat in the winter season changes from gray to white in color. Although not all of the coat changes to white and some gray color is maintained. The number of daylight hours prompts this color coat change along with temperature drop.

You can expect the color change to start about half way through September and is completely changed over by mid November. This dwarf has big eyes, a body that is compact and males at maturity are approximately 4 inches long, weighing in at 1 to 2 ounces.

This little dwarf has rather large cheek pouches for carrying food and bedding. When necessary it can fill these pouches with air and use them as a flotation device to assist in swimming!

Generally they are sociable and good natured hamsters, it is recommended however that mature males are not grouped together as often tempers will flare and tendency to fight. When comparing the Siberian hamster to all the other types of dwarf hamster they tend to be the slowest and sluggish. They tend to be less active in the evenings, don’t mark scent as much and the father participates in raising the pups.

The life span of the Russian white can vary depending upon the care and nutrition it receives, however on average they span 1.5 to 2 years. They tend to be more active in November and less active from February to March based on the photo period of light.

A variety of exercise options is sought out by the Siberian, including sitting, standing, running, jumping, grooming, digging and climbing. Some types of activities you can provide to your hamster include solid wheel (strongly recommended), secure exercise area , ladders and even tube tunnels. When considering purchasing exercise equipments, consider the size of your dwarf hamster and purchase in size scale appropriate for them.


Source by Kym Sutherland

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