Why a Hamster Is a Great Pet



Most households have pets at home. Homeowners either take care of dogs, cats, birds or hamsters as pet. Hamsters are slowly becoming known as household pet that even kids at home learn to be responsible on how to handle and take good care of animals. Many people view hamsters as great pets because they are fascinating, friendly and fun. There are several other reasons why a hamster is a great pet. Listed below are the reasons why you should get a hamster as a pet.

1.) Hamsters are cheap and do not require high maintenance.
Unlike other pets that require expensive pet food, hamsters can eat different foods as long as they're good for the body. They should be fed with vegetables, foods rich in protein like nuts and seeds and sometimes fruits. Fruits are recommended not to be taken too often because of the sugar content. In other words, like humans, hamster should consume vegetables to remain healthy. They also require low upkeep because they occupy little space and their waste can easily be cleaned up. You can just clean their cage 2-3 times a week.

2.) Hamsters are clean and easy to take care.
Hamsters are not as filthy like other pets and they can stay clean for several days. They can also easily adapt to their environment and can be tamed fast. Just make sure to buy a hamster that is not a biter so no family member will get harmed. But do not worry too much because many hamsters can now be easily tamed particularly if you play with them a lot.

3.) Hamsters like to play and are generally friendly.
Even though hamsters are by nature antisocial but then once they get to socialize they can be social to us. They love to play so make sure you place toys inside their cages and looking at them play for sure make you smile. Hamsters can help lighten you up especially when you're sad because just by watching the hamster move around and looking into their eyes, you will already feel happy.

4.) Hamsters got pouches.
Hamsters have pouches on the side of their head for them to stock the food they gather. It is definitely fun to see them collect and hide food on their pouches.

5.) Hamsters take only small space.
A hamster can be placed in a cage which does not take a lot of space inside your home. Just make sure the cage is enough for your hamster to move around, play and exercise. Hamsters have to exercise so make sure to give them an exercise wheel or running ball for the hamster to workout.

Hamsters are really great pets that household owners should consider caring for. Learning how to deal and take care of hamsters can make your pet handling easier and fun.


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