Why Can’t I Get Pregnant? – 9 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Pregnant



Women are getting frustrated because they are unable to conceive and they are regularly visiting a gynecologist.

Reasons for women not getting pregnant-

o Hormonal difficulties- thyroid hormone can affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant. Under active or over active production of thyroid hormone both can affect pregnancy. So, a check up of hormonal level is very essential.

o Age- the rate of fertility decreases with the increase in age. It is always advisable to plan baby at the proper age because planning baby at an older age can lead to various problems. It becomes difficult to conceive at an older age.

o Anxiety and stress- chances of getting pregnant are pretty low if you are having stress. So try to avoid stress related work and any other kind of anxiety so as to save your self from infertility. Practice meditation to reduce anxiety and stress.

o Sperm count- low sperm count of man can also be the reason of not getting pregnant. Low sperm count of males is due to two reasons partner’s age and his lifestyle. So it is better to keep a check on your partner’s lifestyle.

o Drugs, alcohol and smoking- alcohol, smoking and drugs all three can have adverse effect on pregnancy. They are having the ability to decrease the sperm count and that can lead to infertility. So it is good to avoid them when you are planning for a baby.

o Avoid caffeine- one should reduce or if possible avoid caffeine because it decrease iron absorption and increase the chances of having stillbirth.

o Eating unhealthy- in today’s era women are not eating healthy. They are generally eating junk food in large quantity and are not concentrating towards healthy diet and this in turn increasing infertility.

o Overweight- if a woman is overweight then also chances of getting pregnant are reduced and even if she is able to conceive it becomes very problematic to retain the child.

o Underweight- if a woman is underweight then she has to gain required amount of weight before conceiving as the uterus of underweight woman cannot bear the weight of child.

There are few diet supplements that can be taken when you are not taking balanced diet. Zinc helps a woman in conception. With zinc one can also take vitamin C and selenium supplements. Taking folic acid supplements will help you in delivering a fit baby.

Lifestyle and health both plays a very important role in pregnancy. All the above reasons are the answers to the question why can’t I get pregnant? So, try avoiding all these reasons and become mother which is the greatest boon of nature to humans.


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