Why Do You Need Orthodontic Dental Insurance?

by Lee Pham


Orthodontic dental treatment is very popular among young people especially the teenagers. Many parents came under pressure from their kids who want to wear braces and looks good.

Of course the treatment is best done at a young age for better results. The only drawback that makes the parents step back is the cost of the treatment. Orthodontic treatment could cost anywhere between $ 4000 to $ 6000 on average.

I try to answer many questions that parents are asking regarding the orthodontic dental treatment cost.

Is there an orthodontic dental insurance coverage?

Yes orthodontic dental insurance is meant to take care the cost of orthodontic procedures, equipments and general orthodontic care. If you already have dental insurance, your policy may included orthodontic coverage already. If your policy do not cover orthodontic then you may need a supplementary form of dental orthodontic insurance in order to cover your costs. This is very true if you have family members that need braces or orthodontic work.

How does the orthodontic coverage works?

Just like your regular health or dental insurance coverage, you will be required to pay for the monthly or yearly premium. Your insurance provider will typically pay for your orthodontic care up to a maximum amount. How much is the maximum amount covered and what percentage that your provider would pay depend on your insurance plan and insurance company. There are some insurance companies that will cover up to 50% of the orthodontic care costs.

Why do orthodontic dental insurance necessary?

As mentioned above, orthodontic care expenses can run into thousands of dollars per year or until the completion of the treatment.If you have a few family members that need the treatment at the same time, this could be quite a financial burden.

Why do orthodontic care a lot more expensive than regular dental care?

The chunk of the expense are from the equipment cost such as braces, retainers and other additional products. Also the costs of dental x-rays, regular monthly checks and adjustments that would need to be made.

All of these expenses make the cost of orthodontic care more expensive than the regular dental care.

On the average the basic dental plan only required a provider to cover up to a certain amount of dental care per year. After this maximum annual amount, you are responsible for all of the dental costs on your own. For orthodontic treatment, braces alone can cost more than $ 1000. That's the reason why a basic dental coverage normally does not cover orthodontic care. In a lot of cases orthodontic procedures are considered as dental cosmetic, therefore many insurance providers do not cover orthodontic work at all.

For all of the above reasons orthodontic dental insurance seems to make a lot of sense. Even though you have to pay additional premiums on top of your regular dental or health insurance, it is still a wise long term investment.


Source by Zul Rahman

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