Why Is My Pet So Fat?



Pets, like people, need to maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise to avoid gaining unwanted weight. Obesity in pets has become a leading health issue. If you are asking yourself, why is my pet so fat, take a look at their diet and exercise habits. The first thing to look at is the calorie content of the food you are feeding them. If it has a high calorie count, you may slowly change them to a different dog food that has a smaller amount of fat content.

Cut back on the number of dog and cat treats you are giving your pet or substitute a more nutritious treat in place of the processed trips. Some pets really enjoy fresh vegetables so start giving your pet their veggies to help control weight problems. The nice thing about feeding your pets vegetables and some fruits (stay away from grapes or raisins) is they have a high water content instead of a high fat content.

Your pet needs to be exercised every day. If your pet is currently overweight, it is recommended that you start slow. Maybe just a few trips around the back yard until they start to lose some of the weight and then you can increase the distance and duration of each exercise session. Remember that your pet is going to easily tire right at first because of the additional weight they are packing around. So start slow and gradually increase the amount of exercise.

Suppose that your pet is not overeating and is getting plenty of exercise but is still overweight. Contact your veterinarian and have them check your pet for thyroid or other metabolic diseases that could be causing the weight gain. It is our responsibility as pet owners to make sure our pets live a healthy, happy life.


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