Why Mini Lop Baby Rabbits Make Good House Rabbits


Whether you've never owned any type of animal before or have never even considered having a bunny as a house pet, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that mini lop baby rabbits make excellent house pets for a number of different reasons.

Why Are Mini Lop Rabbits Such Great House Pets?

Rabbits are notorious for being highly intelligent animals that are easy to train using positive reinforcement and plenty of praise, which are the two essentials for training any type of animal. They are also very social creatures by nature who need plenty of attention and affection, making them the perfect addition to anyone's family.

One of the very best parts of having a mini lop baby as a pet is that rabbits can learn rather quickly, and if given the chance to live and interact with their human family as early as possible, they can also become attached to their owners and become loyal, affectionate pets.

Rabbits also have great temperaments and can live together in harmony along with children and other pets like dogs and cats, as long as they are also trained and well mannered and able to be around other animals. Mini lops, much like people, have their own distinct, unique personalities.

What You'll Need for a Happy, Healthy Mini Lop House Rabbit

To keep your baby mini lop happy, healthy, and thriving in their new environment you'll need to have a few basic supplies on hand in addition to all of the love and care you already have to give them.

First, you'll definitely want to consider having your pet spayed or neutered, especially if you have more than one and want to avoid having litter after litter of bunnies. Besides this, spaying and neutering are rather beneficial for your rabbit's overall health and behavior as well. Having your bunny examined and then altered by a veterinarian experienced with rabbits will help to decrease unwanted behaviors such as aggression, chewing, and marking their territory similar to the way felines do.

Because rabbits are social animals, it's always recommended to keep your mini lop inside the home instead of outdoors. The more your pet is allowed to interact and become more comfortable living with humans, the more receptive they'll be to your training efforts and the less probably they'll be getting into mischief. Although your rabbit should have free rein of the home, provided you've gone through the house and bunny-proofed each room first, most rabbits will fare best with their very own cage.

In addition to a cage, your mini lop will also need a litter box, litter, toys for chewing on and playing with, places to run and play, a food and water bowl or feeder, and rabbit food including treats like vegetables and fresh hay Egypt straw. You may also want to have a pet carrier for trips back and forth to the veterinarian as well as a brush and clippers for their nails.

Mini lop rabbits can be the absolute perfect house pet and can provide their owners with many years of love, fun, and companionship.


Source by Amanda Isbitt

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