Why Russian Dwarf Hamsters Are So Popular



Have you ever wondered why Russian dwarf hamsters are so popular? These hamsters are unique and easy to care for. A lot of homeowners these days are too busy with their daily chores and responsibilities, but getting a dwarf hamster can help you relax and unwind.

These cute little pets are available in different species which includes the Roborovski specie, the Campbell's Russian specie, and the Winter White Russian specie. The last two species are usually mistaken to belong to single specie because the adult hamsters can grow to 5-6 inches. With their similarity in size, it can be hard to distinguish between the Campbell's Russian and the Winter White Russian species. If you prefer a smaller hamster, you can get the Roborovski Russian hamsters as these creatures can grow only up to 2-3 inches.

Before you purchase a Russian hamster, you will need to look into the characteristics and features of these different species so that you can make the right choice. One important character is the growing requirements for each of the species so that you can ensure your pet's optimum health.

Winter White Russian – The name of these species was derived from their camouflage capabilities, which is particularly advantageous during winter. The usual color of the Winter White Russian dwarf hamster is dark gray, but during winter, the hamsters can change their fur color to white, to match with the snow. However, this ability usually happens when they are out in the wild. Usually their fur can change color when they live in cages. You can encourage the amazing transformation as long as there is natural sunlight during winter.

Campbell's Russian – The most common specie that is sold is the Campbell's Russian dwarf hamsters. In fact, this specie is more widely available than the Winter White Russian hamster. This specie originated from Mongolia where the locals call it Djungaria. The name was derived from the region where the species can be found. Today, you can get the hamsters in different color combinations, and this is mainly due to creative breeding. You can choose among different shades of lilac, blue, black, cinnamon, mottled, and even spots!

Roborovski – These hamsters are mostly found in Northern China and in Mongolia (western / eastern regions). As mentioned earlier, this specie is far smaller than the other two Russian dwarf hamster species. A funny, unique feature of these adorable creatures is that they have longer legs despite their smaller bodies. Most hamsters under this specie have sandy brown coats and gray undercoat. The Roborovski species love grooming and dust baths.

The main difference of these Russian dwarf hamster breeds is with the size and color. Regardless of the specie, they are all cute. If you envy a friend who owns one, it's time to get your very own pet hamster. Now that you know the similarities and differences of these three Russian hamster species, you are ready to make a wise decision. Caring for these creatures is almost the same as with other traditional hamsters- you will need to provide a clean cage, fresh water and foods, wheel, exercise ball, and other normal accessories. By being a responsible owner, you can ensure long and healthy life for your pet.


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