Why You Should Get A Term Life Insurance Quote Instead of Whole Life


If you are in need of an affordable life insurance policy I highly recommend that you start your search by getting a term life insurance quote. The reason that I suggest getting a term life quote is because term is the least expensive policy available and will provide you with more than enough coverage in order to meet your needs, depending, of course, on how much you buy.

The difference between term life insurance, compared to a plan like whole life, is that term is less expensive and 100% of everything you pay towards your policy is used to buy insurance. Whole life insurance uses a portion of the premiums to buy insurance, but they also use part of the money to invest into a savings plan that you can borrow against later in life as it accumulates.

This idea used to be much more popular than it is today, but the reason that so many people buy term life instead is because there are places where you can invest your money and get a much better return on your investment than putting it into an insurance policy where it will make the insurance company money, not you.

The first step to getting life insurance coverage for yourself is to go right now and grab a term life insurance quote. I actually recommend that you get 3-4 quotes and choose from the one with the best coverage and price. Do not put it off any longer. Your loved ones depend on you taking care of YOUR personal affairs. Go do it now!


Source by Rick Stevens

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