Wife Swapping With Friends – Advice You Need To Know!


The lure of an open sexual relationship is a strong one. Most couples become interested in the swinger lifestyle and share that interest by watching videos together or sharing intimate fantasies. Gradually, your interest grows. Eventually, some couples will decide to take the plunge: to become swingers.

Wife swapping with friends should be carefully considered. It may seem like the best possible solution for you to live out your fantasy. It is though? Or is it a potential mine field? And, if so, is there a better solution?

The motivation for wife swapping with friends is usually “familiarity” and “accessibility”. You may not want to swing with total strangers. You may feel more comfortable with people you know. You may also have harbored fantasies for a long time about seeing your spouse having sexual fun with your friends. And, of course, friends are easily accessible: a mere phone call or car trip away.

But, again, is it a good idea? I think you can guess by now that “no” it certainly is not the best of ideas. I will explain why.

If the swinging experience goes wrong in some way (maybe someone gets jealous, maybe someone cannot perform) then you can potentially lose friendships. Not only that but it may not be possible to avoid these people (causing you to relive and relive the problem whenever you see them).

Another problem is your emotional connection to friends. Negative feelings of jealous which can sometimes arise in a swinging session will be heightened if you are emotionally connected to someone.

Lastly, friendships do not always last forever. Think about it. What if you fall out with your friends? What if they tell everyone you know about you wife swapping with friends?

Almost everyone is in agreement when explaining these facts: never swing with someone you know. The solution is obviously to find single men or women or couples who are total strangers. Get to know them over the internet first and then take the swinging plunge!


Source by Davina Anderson

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