Your Shih-Tzu Health Problem Needs Attention



A beautiful breed of dog, the Shih-Tzu has a long soft and silky coat that requires daily grooming to prevent matting, tangles and hair twisting. Your Shih-Tzu health problems may require medical attention if it becomes obvious there is a problem. These little dogs are prone to heart disease, renal disease, eye injuries and breathing disorders. The Shih-Tzu generally lives longer than a larger dog due to the role of the hormones.

Shih-Tzu Health Problem and the Breed Characteristics

Although these adorable little dogs can be stubborn, they are also lovable, very alert and alive with energy. The strong little legs support a small but sturdy body with the ability to jump to many heights and pull things around without much trouble, because of their body strength and their jaw strength.

As I sit here looking at my six-month-old Shih-Tzu, he looks at me with those big dark eyes and wiggles his semi flat nose, waiting for me to pet him and play tug-a-war for excitement. These dogs make the most lovable pet that you could ever want to have around you. Their loyalty is extremely strong along with being very smart. You will never see a Shih-Tzu run like a big dog, as they kind of hop and run at the same time. Their speed is amazing when they see something they want, such as the bunny rabbit running through the yard.

Ear infections are not as common in a Shih-Tzu as with a Cocker Spaniel or a Pekinese because the ears are feathered back more than just floppy. Their jaws are strong and they can become quite fiercely when playing. The body appears longer than the height size, making them very good at escaping under fines if the boards are too high. The weight of the Shih-Tzu varies, but they make wonderful lap dogs and will keep you smiling and warm on those cold winter days.

Shih-Tzu Health Problems Discussed Further

The Shih-Tzu breed is a healthy breed normally. In some cases, the eyes became injured because they protrude from the face and can become injured during play or rough housing. In the event an eye injury results, medical treatment is required immediately. Another health problem comes from their short muzzle, which account for wheezing from time to time. In most cases, this is not serious, but may require an exam from a veterinarian.

Some Shih-Tzu's may be sentenced to renal disease, but again this seems rare in the health of this breed. The most important thing is the hair. Hair that becomes matted or tangled may cause scratching to the point of breaking the skin, which can result in infection, maggot infestation and an unhealthy look to the little dog. Shih-Tzu health problems are preventable when you take the time to observe your little one and provide the proper care. Your Shih-Tzu will be happy and healthy with the proper diet and just a little exercise, as they do not need as much exercise as a larger dog.


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