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Zhu zhu pet hamsters have taken the toy world by storm. After a sell out pre-launch the interactive, furry toy is back in the shops and selling like hotcakes.

I’ve trawled the internet searching for honest customer reviews and useful information about the zhu zhu pets product range and this is what I’ve found:

The biggest problem with zhu zhu pet hamsters is their huge popularity.

When the zhu zhu pet hamsters were given a pre-launch test run in Phoenix they were an instant hit and sold out.

Since then the first wave of the official release hit the stores two days ago at time of writing. Within hours there were hardly any left at one major online retailer, and one person rang a large department store only to be told they’d sold out their entire stock in two minutes!


So what is a Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster?

It’s a toy suitable for children aged about three up to eight or nine. It is not suitable for younger children as it has some small parts which could be a choking hazard.

The toy is a battery operated, interactive pet hamster. This little creature is very cute. It is soft to touch and has a realistic, lifelike look and feel.

The electronics are cutting edge so the toy features a variety of ‘intelligent’ responses including sounds and movements. It operates in two main modes: ‘nurturing’ and ‘adventuring’.

Nurturing is when the zuzu pets are picked up and snuggled. When children pet them on the nose they make happy little squeaks and purrs.

Zhuzhu pets have over forty different sound effects.

When the zhu zhu hamster has his or her back stroked they transform into adventure mode. They scurry around their modular environment or run loose around the living room. They make different sounds and actions depending on the environment they encounter. Like toilet-flushing and teeth-brushing sounds when they enter their bathroom.

They are powered by two standard batteries.

There is a range of accessories like exercise wheels and slides and hamster mobiles available so children can customize and extend their hamster world.

What Are People Saying About the Toys?

Overwhelmingly the customer reviews are positive. Typical comments include “this toy is fabulous” and “my son is going to be playing with this for a long time…”

The toy seems to be an instant hit with children, especially three to five year olds. And even better than that children are enjoying them day after day. I’ve read about children taking them to bed and playing quietly in their rooms for hours.

Even parents are going gaga over how cute the little critters are.

What about functionality?

When you watch the pet hamsters in action they seem to get stuck a lot. At first I thought this was a design flaw but now I think that’s part of their success. They pause like live pets would, from curiosity and other responses. This gives kids the opportunity to get involved and play with their new friend.

Natalie Hornsby, of Cepia, LLC, the St. Louis, Missouri company which makes zhu zhu pet hamsters, says “They`re completely interactive, as if they have a mind of their own.”

You see, the really innovative thing about this new breed of realistic electronic pet is that they don’t just run around mechanically and mindlessly. They need the constant interaction of the child to help create their ‘intelligent’ response.

This is really keeping children enchanted and engaged.

Some people have reported that the batteries included with the product didn’t last very long. The good news is that the when the batteries were replaced with higher grade batteries not only did the toy go for longer but they also went faster.

Hamsterworld Accessories

There are 12 add-ons including a hamstermobile and garage, slide, exercise wheel and funhouse. They range in price from around twenty to thirty dollars up to one hundred odd.

Customer feedback on the add-ons suggests they are durable and very easy to assemble.

Kids love all the extras of course as they can expand and customize their hamsterworld and get maximum value from their new toy.


Source by Melitta Pyne

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