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With all the toys in stores to choose from to give to your child, you realize that almost all of them are very common. Aside from that, your child has been bugging you to get him a pet. You know pet hairs can be bad for your child's health. Well, guess what, I found a new gift options that would be perfect for you child. It's called the Zhu zhu pets. (Pronounced Zoo Zoo Pets)

You may be wondering what Zhu Zhu pets are. I asked that same question before. Zhu Zhu pets are plush toys that resemble real life hamsters. The good thing about these toys is that they are very interactive plush toys that your child would really start playing immediately.

I can still remember the time when my son received his very first Zhu Zhu pet. My child started to play with it once he got it. He tried to pet and hug the Zhu Zhu pet and he was so facilitated when the toy reacted on it. It seems that the toy was set to its nurture mode.

He got more excited when we turned it to its explore mode. It started to run all over the place. He then told me that we should get its own house and its own play items. He did not stop requesting for a new accessory for it so I finally got in and got it a play pen where it started to run around like what regular hamsters do.

The good thing about these pets is that they are really like the live hamster pets without the hassle of maintenance. Maintenance in the sense that you have to clean their cages or feed them. With this, what you just need to do is to play with it just like what my son is always doing. I only have one problem with I – that is that my son is always requesting for a new set of battery for it since he can not stop playing with these plush toys.

The main reason why these toys are very much interactive is that they are made with artificial intelligence. With this, they are able to react on their habitat and even react on the way on you play with them.

These pets have different personalities for you to choose from. Aside from playing with them, they also have an option to dress them up that will fit the occasion. For example, they can set it up for the Halloween or Christmas. At the same time, your child can also bring the Zhu Zhu pets trick-or-treating with their costumes. Your kid will definitely catch the attention of his or her classmates with these cute toys in costumes.

I found out that Zhu zhu pets are available in various stores online and at malls. I saved money from buying these toys instead of a live hamster. It saves me from the trouble of buying food for it or bringing it to its monthly veterinarian check up. My kid loves it, I do too !.


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