Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Chunk – Is Chunk the Right Hamster Choice For Your Kids?

by Lee Pham


All of the toy hamster pets have unique and individual characteristics that set them apart from each other and this together with their individual colors makes them appeal to different kids as well as being more popular with either boys or girls. Although the Zhu Zhu Pets hamster Chunk is not the overall most popular of the hamsters available, he is hugely popular with girls in general and boys who love the surfing lifestyle.

Zhu Zhu Pets Chunk is snow white in color, so not the greatest choice if your child is intending to scoot this one around in the dirt. With a big bright hamster nose and hamster black eyes, girls are predominantly drawn to his color, but it is his character that keeps them loving this little creature.

Zhu Zhu Pets Chunk hamster is a laid back surfer type that takes life more easily. Unlike Mr Squiggles or Pipsqueak, speed and hectic and continual scurrying are not what this cute hamster is passionate about. He loves to take his time and explore at his own pace, but get him started and he will scamper like any furry hamster does and give his fellow hamsters a real run for their money.

Obviously, with Zhu Zhu Chunk being the surfer dude among them, the top accessory that your children will want to treat him to will of course be the separately sold hamster surfboard and sleep dome. Your kids will be thoroughly entertained as they watch and listen to Chunk when he climbs aboard his surf board and does the cool moves and tricks that he does the best. This aspect of Chunk is what really appeals to so many boys and places him as a favorite with them. When Chunk is done with his surfing exercise, you can see as he wanders off to his sleep dome to get a well earned snooze.

Like all of the hamsters, pressing Chunk on the back and into affectionate mode will bring out the characteristics that girls love so much. He really is one to want constant attention from your children and responds with all sorts of cute and interactive hamster sounds. Your girls will spend hours pampering this little guy and they love to put him in his own hamster carrier bed and wrap him in his blanket, which is also sold separately.

Once Chunk has had all the attention that your child can give him and he is safe and sound in his bed, pressing him off will let him drift off to have hamster dreams and prepare himself for the next surfing day.


Source by Laura Robbinson

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