Zhu Zhu Pets Make the Best Pets


There is a total of five Zhu Zhu Pets. Each has its own style, personality and language consistent of coos, chirps and giggles. You can choose Mr. Squiggles who appears to be the favorite choice of most children. Mr. Squiggles is light brown and scurries rather quickly. He is the fastest of all.

Pipsqueak is yellow and has very soft fur. Although she prefers an unhurried pace, she can keep up with Mr. Squiggles if necessary. She too is a favorite selection among children.

Num Nums is a true lady. She enjoys spending countless hours in the Zhu Zhu kitchen. She is a delicate gray color with a cute white heart on her back.

Chunk is all white and really likes to kick-back and take it easy. He rarely hurries as life is meant to be enjoyed and savored.

Patches can be purchased with Zhu Zhu accessories. He loves to explore any habitat, but especially enjoys his hamster house. Patches also comes in a starter set that includes the Funhouse.

Other Pet accessories include a hamster wheel which promotes hamster exercise and health, as well as, a hamster ball. The ball permits your Zhu Zhu Pet to safety explore through your own home.

You can also purchase a Pet carrier and blanket in a variety of colors. The carrier lets you take your pet with you and the blanket will keep any one of them snuggle warm.

Giving a Zhu Zhu Pet is a wonderful way to introduce your children to the responsibilities associated with having a pet. At the same time, there are no "clean ups" required and no cost veterinarian bills. A true benefit of owning a virtual pet.

Zhu Zhus are a terrific pet for a child who is allergic to animal hair and dander. Any one of these sweet lil 'hamsters can be the perfect substitute to a living pet affording your child the opportunity to experience the pleasure and love a pet can give. Any of these delightful critters can be your child's best friend.


Source by Clare Wadsworth

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