Heartwarming Story of a Man Who Sheltered Stray Cats All His Life, And When He Died, One Came To Say Goodbye

by Lee Pham

In the world of felines, a white cat is always a symbol of good luck, purity and positivity. For one group of people in Malaysia, it was more than just a coincidence when they saw a white cat pawing at the spot where their loved one had been buried.

Efforts were made to remove the cat from the grave, but it refused to go away. The deceased man’s friends and family were gathered to say goodbye after he passed away on the 10th of September.

But no one expected this unusual visitor. During his lifetime, he was a big lover of cats and dedicated his time to feeding and giving them shelter if needed – something that became apparent when the mourners all witnessed what happened next.

The cat refused to leave

The man’s family members observed a white cat pawing over the exact spot where he was laid to rest. To them, it was definitely a sign.

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