Mini IVF Treatments – A Great Hurdle Leap to Deal With Infertility

by Lee Pham


We are living in a smart planet with countless numbers of technological advancements. As you know, the technological advancements have made problems disappear and yes we have solutions for everything. One such great advancement in the medical world out there is the solution for infertility. You will be well aware of the fact that there is no scarcity for the treatment options for dealing with infertility.

Comparing all the options, the treatments are considered to be the best as these are the only options that can bring natural pregnancy to an infertile human. IVF treatments are around us since past 50 years and have made many human lives appear on this smart planet. Despites the huge success of IVF treatments there remained a hurdle that had to be overcome. This treatment option was complicated and involved continuous consumption of oral drugs. The need for huge oral drugs has many problems such as increasing the cost of the treatment process along with inducing a lot of side effects.

The hurdle of huge amount of oral medication is overcome with the latest IVF treatment option termed as the Mini IVF. As the name of this treatment option indicates, this process involves very minimal oral medication intake and fewer injections which result in very minimal cost per cycle of egg generation. The minimal stimulation treatments just costs $4,800 per cycle which is very low compared to the costs involved in the conventional process. The main benefit of Mini treatments is, there are very less health risks associated with the process. The Mini IVF treatment ensures that only healthy eggs are produced in a cycle unlike the conventional treatments that produces above 5 eggs of which most of them will be discarded.

Mini IVF is a more natural way of dealing with infertility. This process involves less chemical usage in the simulation of ovaries to produce healthy eggs. Like in the conventional treatments, those who produce surplus healthy eggs can have it stored in an embryo bank. This stored embryo can be retrieved and used anytime in future.

Considering the pregnancy success rate of the Mini IVF treatments, it is very much competitive to the conventional treatments methods. Researches have confirmed that the pregnancy success rates of Mini IVF will be always equal or more than that of the conventional process. Obviously, considering the low health risks and less oral medication, an equal success rate to the conventional IVF will even make the Mini treatments the best.

Minimal stimulation IVF treatments are without doubt a giant leap in the medical field. With the main concerns of the conventional IVF treatments eliminated, this process will help us build a planet of life.


Source by John S Zhang

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