Screen Doors With Pet Doors 101

by Lee Pham


For anyone with pets, whether they have a dog or cat, you’ll know that despite how wonderful it is to have a pet, occasionally they can be a headache. This generally comes from wanting to go outside when you’re preoccupied. However, this annoyance can be averted if you get a screen door with a pet door.

Just as the name implies, screen doors with pet doors are roughly like your normal screen door, with the exception that your pet can now use it without the need for you to constantly open and close it for them. Not only does this free your time up to do other things, it also means your pet will be much happier, as it will be able to come and go as it pleases.

Depending on your present door, it’s relatively easy to install a screen door with a pet door. All you would need to do is to cut a relevant sized hole into your door and install the screen. However, if you want to install a brand new screen door with a pet door included, then there are a ton of options available to you. You can either install it yourself, or have it professionally installed by a suitable company. Depending on your needs, you can have anything from a simple corner “flap” – ideal for cats and small dogs – to a full-sized screen door with pet door.

The costs can differ and this is really down to the type of pet door you need. For example, if you only need a tiny corner pet door, this will generally start at around $40 for the smallest size, increasing to around $80 for a larger pet. However, if you need to go for the full-sized screen door with pet door attached, this can cost in the region of a few hundred dollars and upwards.

The Benefits of Screen Doors with Pet Doors

The obvious advantage to having any type of screen door with a pet door is the sheer convenience of it. For example, say you have children – we all know how time-consuming kids can be. Therefore, it’s not always easy to look after your pet as well. With a pet door, you don’t need to worry if your dog or cat wants to go out and play in the yard, or simply needs to get out to take a piss – it can use the screen door to exit and you can carry on with your day.

The Downsides of Screen Doors with Pet Doors

Of course, just like anything, there are also disadvantages to having a screen door with a pet door attached to it. The most common concern is that of security – since the screen grants your pet free entry to your home, that access can also be used by burglars. Another problem is that it can leave an ugly hole in your door, as well as make your home more susceptible to drafts.

However, if you’re okay with these disadvantages and know how to overcome them, a screen door with a pet door can be a useful addition to your home.


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